Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thank you Tabitha!!

Well yesterday was a long, hot day. But thanks to Tabitha's hard work, we got a lot done and I am really, really excited! We have a lot of company coming this weekend and Scott and I decided we needed an "official" guest room. We have the pull out couch/bed in the office downstairs, but with 2 available bedrooms upstairs, we wanted to have a whole room set aside for our friends. I say available, but neither one was really all that accessable. The east room was full of boxes. Some full of stuff, and a lot of empty ones that needed to go to the basement. So Tabitha came for the day and was a huge help on this project. We cleaned and organized and the room is looking so nice! I feel really good about have people stay over now! (I only wish we had a bathroom upstairs- that would be soooo nice!:) Anyway, the only thing left to do is finish setting up the water bed in that room. We got started, but then became confused, and decided to let Scott finish that job! As soon as we get that done, I will have to post some pictures.
Help with that project would have been enough, but Tabitha cheerfully helped out all over yesterday; holding Paul, doing dishes, etc. What a blessing!
Anyway- this weekend is looking really full for us, a lot of company and fun times planned. We are looking forward to it! We will keep in touch!
God bless-

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Anonymous said...

Whew! Sounds like you've had a fruitful week! It is always rewarding to turn 'storage' space into more usable/livable. What a wonderful blessing to have the 'aunts' and 'uncles' living so close as to lend a hand. Have a wonderful weeknd with your company! RW