Sunday, June 22, 2008


Home sweet home :) The east side of the house. I love the porch!

The west edge of the property- the garage and apricot tree.

A very important addition to the landscape!

I am sorry this is so blurry, but just had to include it. Paul really loves copying Mom and Dad. What we say, what we do.... what a challenge to watch our behaviour! Anyway, when Dad comes home tired... Paul thought he better try to get a nap too!
The "real deal" :)

We have had some nasty weather, but thankfully nothing damaging.

One of the biggest pieces we found

We just bought a pool for the summer. Tonight we had the boys try it out with the slide. It was a great hit!


Even Marcus loved it! (And no- I am not "pulling" him through the water, even though my face looks like I am!)
I will share more pictures soon. I will try to do a "house tour" one of these days!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well, I was really excited to find a minute to blog today. The boys are sleeping, and I have pictures of our new home. One of the joys of moving though... I just realized that I have NO idea where my cord is so I can transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer. :) So this will be a pictureless post, but I wanted to let everyone know that we are doing well and getting settled. Scott is loving his new job. He is doing a lot of misc. training right now- as well as filling in at the jail. The jail just hired a new jailer, so he will not have to cover for long- which will be nice as the schedule is rather tough, a lot of changing shifts. He has his squad car and I am getting used to looking outside and seeing a "police car" in the driveway. :)
The boys are adjusting really well. Paul loves to talk walks to the park- or ride his trike on the sidewalk. Marcus is not sure about being restricted to our yard, but is doing pretty well. WE are hoping to put up a fence sometime this year.
The house is still full of boxes to unpack, but we are making slow progress and it is feeling like home already. I have a huge kitchen and it has been a lot of fun to work with so much space!
Thank you all for your prayers as we adjust and please continue to bring us before the Father as you remember. God bless and picture post soon!