Friday, May 05, 2006

Chickens everywhere

Greetings from unusually chilly northeast Kansas. We are not ready for 90's though, so the cool weather is welcome. We've been getting our feet wet in the chicken business this year. Its been a very busy 4 weeks so far. Getting your infrastructure all set up is the key! If you want some chickens get in touch with us. Lydia's midwifery studies are going great. My job at Haug is going great too. I'm learning a lot about wireless internet and computers. Paul is just awesome. He's going next week for his driving test already... heehee. Here is the sweet boy!! He misses his grandma Sue VERY VERY much!!!!!!


The Ulmer Family said...

I love that last picture!!! He looks just adorable!!! :) I'm waiting for him to take me on a drive, so tell him to hurry up with that driving test! :)
Aunt Elizabeth

mike said...

I enjoyed the postings.Paul is growing fast, just don't let him drive the tractors yet... givr him a week or two.

My chicken wooes are from domestic dogs. They have destroyed my best layers and their pen. Some of them will never eat again, I greatly dislike shooting dogs.

Hope to see more later... Love Mike and Terri.