Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October in review...

Well it has been way to long since I posted last, so I thought I would take a minute and share some pictures from this month. The computer was acting funny, so the pictures are not in the right order, but I hope you enjoy! We have filled our weeks while Daddy is in school with home life and trips to see others. We we able to spend a week with Rebecca and Justice and had a great time. (Thank you for having us- we love you!) Here Philip is having a conversation with his Aunt Rebecca.
We had a lovely day at the park...

Complete with a picnic lunch!

On the home front, the boys are constantly in the kitchen with Mom- helping bake cookies...

Or bread, or washing dishes. THey are a blessing!

And look at the new addition! Our dog Elle's little puppy is so cute!

Marcus is our animal lover- awwwww

We were blessed to have Tabitha come the end of September, the boys loved having her here and I really enjoyed it too. Thank you Tabitha for all your help!

Three boys in gray :)

What a cutie!

Learning to smile and "talk"- Philip is also learning to roll over. He has completed a tummy to back several times.

Another thing we are enjoying- paint! Opps, I think I forgot to explain to Marcus we don't paint on our body. Oh well, now we know what he will look like with a facial hair!

Drawing a big rifle gun :)
Paul's vocabulary has really been growing and i love to hear his new phrases. But my favorite is a slight change in the phrase, "I will take care of you"- Paul style, "I will carry you Mom"
So sweet!
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement these past weeks. Scott is doing really well and learning a lot. Just the other weekend he showed me a bunch of "take down" tactics that he learned. It was very educational and I learned a few things- pressure points are very effective and your wrist controls your whole body. :)
With November closing in we are on the 3 week count down- please pray that we stay faithful to the end. For Scott, in his witness and studies. For me, grace and strength for the looong days. And for the boys- obedience and patience.