Sunday, February 25, 2007

Life is good!

We are all doing so well here on the Anson Farms. The Lord has blessed us so much!
We have had great support from family and friends and can't wait to show off Marcus to more of you! I will try to keep the blog updated better until then! Looking around
"I have a dream...."

I love being a big boy!

Daddy with his baby

Daddy with his little man!
(Doing dishes for mom- how nice!)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Valentine

I want to send a special thank-you to the love of my life
This valentines day may everyone know this is a grateful wife
For 2 years have swiftly past and still the time is lacking
To compare to how he waited for me- and to send sinlge life a packing
A man of God who seeks the Lord, and leads his family
We are well provided for- His hard work is the key
A better Dad you cannot find, as he learns and grows each day
Discovering with each new morn' the vital need to pray
For raising boys to love the Lord, and serve their fellow man
It takes more than preaching, it means walking them by the hand
And when it comes to his marriage, he does not let it slide
But works and prays and listens close to his helpmeet and his bride
And when he does not understand, the emotions I posses
He holds me tight and lets me cry- my soul he does caress
This week I have been humbled to see him serve us so
The house is kept by his careful touch, and reminders to "Let it go"
So, I want to say a big thank you, for all you do and say
My love- you are amazing! Happy Valentines Day!

One week old

Look who is one week old today!! Marcus is such a blessing and joy. We are so blessed to have him as part of our family. A huge thank you to all of you for your prayers, support and help through this pregnancy, birth and recovery.
I had a long labor again this time, but the Lord sustained us and we are both healthy and doing well. I am recovery MUCH faster than I did after Paul. I feel good, and besides being tired, :) am slowly adjusting to this new "normal" of two little boys. Both Scott's Mom and my Mom were able to be here for the birth and were a huge help. Scott's Mom stayed with us for the rest of the week, taking excellent care of the house and meals. Many women are blessed with Mother-in-law who are a help, not as many are blessed with a good friend. I feel privalged to say I have both! Thank you Mama Sue!! We sure love and miss you!
My family has been a great help as well, and we are glad to have them close. Playing with Paul is especially helpful as I cannot be as active with him as I usally am. He misses me carrying him all over and loves it when he can chase around his uncles and aunts! Which brings us to how Paul is adjusting.... He is doing pretty well, it does not help that he has been cutting teeth this past week, so that has caused some discomfort. He loves Marcus and is very attentive to his cry. He tries to say "Marcus", but mostly refers to him as "bababa". Just tonight while we were in the kitchen eating, Marcus started crying in the living room where he had been sleeping. Paul immediatly pointed to the living room and cried, "Bababab", and when I asked, "Do you think I should go get baby Marcus?" he answered with an enthusiastic nodding of the head! He gets frustrated that I cannot carry him around, but over all we he is doing well.
Scott has been such a huge help and is so understanding. He is great when Marcus wakes up in the middle of the night and is extra help around the house. I am so grateful!
Well, that catches us up for a while- God bless!Hi everyone!
All tuckered out.
Did you know I am a big brother?!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A baby................

Boy. Marcus Scott Anson was born on Tuesday at 3:40pm. 9lb, 9oz monster boy! Here are our two little boys!! Looks like Marcus is saying "peace brother!"

Isn't he just the sweetest thing?

"Can I give him a kiss please? Well, maybe I'll just bite his cheeks instead!" - Paul

Lydia is doing great! Marcus is doing great! Paul is happy!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Family Picture

While at Rebecca and Andrew's house, we asked them to help us get a good family picture done. We have wanted to get a family shot for quite a while, and never seem to make it happen. We knew we wanted it done before the baby, so we would have one to remember when life was "just us and Paul"! So thanks to their help we have several good pictures to chose from. Some need a little cropping or other editing, but here are our favorites.... Votes anyone??
Ok, so this is not a family shot, but a sweet one I had to include! :)
One of the first ones we took
One of the last ones... Can you tell Paul was getting tired of this?
With a little cropping on my side of the picture, I think this is my favorite!