Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boys and spring

Well there has been a lot happening since my last post. To put it all short and sweet, Scott took a new job with the Geary County Sheriff's Dept. To those unfamiliar with Kansas geography, this is about 1 1/2 hours closer to my folks- right on I-70. The main town in Junction City, pop. about 22,000. So a bigger department, better pay and the best part- he is working DAYS now!!! He works 12 hour days, 8-8. He works 7 days out of 14, so long days at work, but a lot of days off too! We are really loving it. We moved the first week of March- we are renting a small, (half the size of our Ellsworth house) house in Milford, a small (200 people) town north of Junction City. Although the house is small, the yard is huge and the boys and I have loved having space to run and play. We have our house in Ellsworth on the market and would appreciate your prayers for the whole process of selling out house.
The boys are doing great. Paul is so quick, you have to really watch what you say. He is working hard on his alphabet and can write almost all his letters from memory. He still loves any thing about cowboys or guns and can't wait to do a lot of fishing this summer. (The town of Milford sits on a huge lake, the boat ramp is 2 blocks from our house.)
Marcus is our quiet boy who loves to play by himself. He really enjoys reading with Mom or Dad and learning his letters with Paul. He wears his cowboy hat all the time and loves our daily walk to the post office for mail.
Philip is full of energy and attitude. He has Paul's athletic ability and is always trying to climb things.....yes Mommy gets her exercise chasing him. :) He loves puzzles and balls and Daddy coming home.
William is 8 months old- wow does time fly! He is crawling very well and sits unassisted. He has cut his 2 lower teeth, and likes eating "real" food now. Another Mama's boy, his favorite thing is to be held by Mom during any meal when I am trying to feed myself and at least 2 other people. :)
WEll, that catches you up a little bit! Hopefully I will keep the blog up better this summer!Enjoy the pictures! I was warned there could be snakes here, but nobody said anything about Indians!

The not so lethal bow, with no arrow :)

Every Indian needs a tipee! Or a peeti :)

My warriors

Will getting fussy in the swing

A "cat" sleeping in the tree

Paul all dressed up for church

Paul loving on baby Will

Enjoying a movie together

Philip riding away into the sunset :)