Sunday, July 20, 2008

House tour

Well, I finally tried to capture our first floor on camera.... it was a little harder than I thought. But it is always hard to do a "Tour" without a video. So hopefully you will be able to at least get an idea of our house. I will try to do the upstairs soon! If you walked through our front door (Picture in previous post of the front porch) You walk right into the living room.
To the right inside the door

Further in the living room- nice mirror huh? :)

From your first step in the house, immediatly to your left is the office- the room most clutered and "unpacked". It still has our dressers in it becuase it is going to take a few guys together to get them upstairs.
More office

At the west end of the living room you turn left to go into the dinning room.
A few boxes left, but pretty settled in here.

Standing in the corner of the dinning room you see the living room to the right, the stairs, and the hall to the kitchen.
The hall to the kitchen, with our handy changing table. (Muti-generational changing table- I remember changing my siblings on this table!)
Our small downstairs bathroom

Through the hall into the kitchen. The laundry room and back door is to the left right by the marker board.

See my wonderful kitchen!!!!!! The stove, fridge, dishwasher, and garbage disposal all come with the house and work wonderfully!

The back of the kitchen
The back door

The laundry area- a little smaller than I am used to- but nice new washer and dryer that came with the house! :)

We feel very blessed and thankful for this house the Lord has given us. Please come visit! :)