Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog issues

Contrary to all appearances, I have not forgotten about this blog. And I have not run out of pictures to post. And I have really tried to post 3 times in the past month. But every time I do, I have had blog issues, or Internet issues and I can't post pictures, and since I can't bear to post without pictures..... I have not posted. Until now.
I wanted to let you know we are alive, well, and looking forward to baby #5 arriving anytime. Hopefully by then I will have figured out what the picture issue is so we can post lots of great pictures of our new little one.
But, until then, I will share some of the great things happening around here.

Paul- Turned 5 the end of December and in the middle of a growth-spirt. I thought he would never out-grow 4T pants, and Marcus was going to pass him in weight and height, but it seems he is inching taller. He has loved playing in the snow. We have had snow on the ground for about 3 weeks straight, (amazing) and have done a lot of sledding and building snowmen. My treat from last year, (you can have one cup of hot chocolate after coming in from playing in the snow) has turned into a daily treat and I had to rein it back. So much for limiting sweets when you have snow this long!!

Marcus- Has a birthday Feb. 6th and has been counting down the days since the beginning of December. This is a big birthday at our house because it means you are old enough to chew gum. He CAN'T WAIT and is looking forward to going to the store with Scott and picking out his own gum. Marcus also has been enjoying the snow, although not as daring as Paul and after hitting a tree on the sled, he took a break for a while. :) He has decided that if the baby is a boy we need to name it "Roy Rogers" because we need a cowboy in the family.

Philip- Still a "little boy" he loves doing what the "big boys" are doing. And he can hold his own if they get into a scrap. We have worked on potty training all fall and winter and I think he is just about down with it. And not a moment too soon! Philip loves to sing and refuses to stop singing Christmas songs just because the season is over. I still hear Joy to the World and Go Tell it on the Mountain quite often. A bit of a slow talker at first, Philip's vocabulary has really grown this winter and one of his favorite words is "actually". "Actually MOm, that is a truck, not a car."

William - Affectionately called "Baby Will" by his brothers, there is not a lot baby like left about him. Always trying to keep up with the others, Will is constantly into things. I am challenged daily to keep him productive and out of trouble. He loves reading books, which has been great for the often times I need a moment to sit and catch my breath. His vocabulary is also growing by leaps and bounds. His 2 big words right now are "applesauce" and "chap stick".
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Well, that's all for now! As soon as I can, I will get some pictures updated!