Monday, August 27, 2007

Blogging silence

I know it has been a while since I wrote last... It seems that this summer is just zooming by- the Lord has blessed us so much- we are busy with the full life that He has given us.
My blogging may continue to be a bit sporadic here as we are having some computer issues. Our main computer has been acting strange for a while, but just last week the hard drive completely died. It is still under warranty and so we will be sending it to hopefully get fixed. (I say hopefully because I have many pictures on there that I had not burned to CD yet.... back up your work every night!)
While I have a laptop for my school and Scott has one at work, it is not the same as having your pictures all handy and ready for blogging. I don't think it will take to much to figure out how to get the pictures on here, but the TIME issue is always a factor. :)
This all to say, hopefully I will be able to post with pictures soon, and I hope everyone is having a great summer!~

Monday, August 13, 2007

Play time

I am so blessed. My two boys love each other and have a great time every day. Life is such a gift! Thank you Lord!
"Just watch me Marcus, and I will show you what you do with a tractor."
"That looks like fun!!!"

"Look Mom!! I am almost crawling! Soon I will be able to follow Paul all over!"

"Oh, this is hard with Paul on top!"

"No worse for the wear!"

"Marcus, can I share your blanket? I think I need a few minutes to cuddle!"

Growing and eating

At six months old Marcus can really put the food away! Believe it or not, he has actully showed interest in food a lot earlier than Paul. Paul did not really take off with "real food" until he was about 8 months. (He sure likes it now! :)
Marcus loves to eat, and gets very upset if we are eating and do not give him some food as well!
His first food....

Pretty good stuff!

Of course Paul wants to help :)

Tired boys all ready for bed!