Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Long time no post... :)

How many guys does it take to change an air-conditioner anyway? (Thanks guys!)

What a fun day! We are so glad you all were able to make it.

Heads UP!!

Wedding plans for Emily.... :)
Well, as some of you may have noticed, we have not written in quiet a while. Life at the Anson farm is busy, hot and busy, oh and hot and..... :) Through it all I am reminded what a great God we serve and how well He provides and protects us. Each day is such a gift. Having a wonderful husband and a precious little boy show me what is really important in a day. Family- what a blessing!!
As most of you know, Memorial Day Weekend was a really busy and hard time for my family. My grandpa, (my Dad's stepdad) passed away on Saturday. We had a lot of family in town and we were hosting a get-together with some friends on Sunday. A couple we have known forever (from Pa.) was staying with Mom and Dad and we had Rebecca and Andrew here.
It was a time of laughter and tears, hugs and prayers. It would be impossible to capture the whole time, but I will include some highlight pictures from the get-together.


Just-us said...

It was SO good to see all of you there! Thanks Lydia and Scott for a Wonderful chance to visit!

papaforU said...

thank you for helping with a place for the Shepard family, your visits to the house & time with close and extended family. The Anson family made that hectic weekend better!