Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer 2011

Summer is zipping right by, and we are loving every minute. We are so blessed. This past week has been in the 80*s every day and the 60*s at night and we are just loving and laughing and playing and working and enjoying life to the fullest. Here are some pictures of our summer.

While the big boys watch "Andy and Barney" Will is my helper with Sarah
These boys love to read :)

"Look Mom has the camera!"

Such a sweet little girl.... she is growing so fast! In July she cut 2 teeth, learned to crawl and sat up for the first time!! She is now crawling ALL over and sits and pulls her self up on stuff.

A big hit this summer, the squirters. Much easier to operate than a water gun. And great for soaking Mom when she is not expecting it!


Ready to soak!!!

Blueberry picking with Uncle Seth

These brothers love each other :)

Hi Mom!

Pictures from a camp out in the back yard Memorial Day weekend.

Getting the hot dogs ready... (or was it the marshmellows?)

Oh yeah, this is the good stuff!!!

Enjoying our wonderful trampoline!