Friday, March 30, 2007

The zoo

Monday we went to the Omaha zoo with my family. Scott had to work, (well, he worked all night and had to sleep all day) and we really missed him, but had a good time anyway. The family wanted to go before their pass was up for the year, so we loaded up and left by 8am.
When we got there we met up with another family, friends of the family and headed in. We had a great day and did not leave until about 5:30, so by the time we got back to Ulmers at 9, we were bushed! (We stopped for a few errands on the way home) Hopefully we can go again this summer with Dad!Paul loved the water in the many fountains at the "Garden of Senses" but the poor fellow got a little excited and a few minutes later while running to something else fell down and skinned his face! So here is the only "nice" picture!
Looking at something.....

One of his favorite places- the sea lions. I think because they actually DO something and don't just lay there. He also loved the gorillas and bears.

Snack time!
(We sure made good use of the double stroller- thanks again Grandma Sue!)

Too tired- must take a nap. (Too bad it is just before the lions....)


All worn out at Papa and Nana's house, waiting for Dad to come pick us up.


A face of wonder and awe.... A box of fluff and feed....
A little boy holding his first baby chick. Spring must be here!!

We got our first chicks Thursday and Paul thinks they are just great. It will be a while before he holds one again though- he is still a bit rough!
Today we went for a walk to get the mail.
We saw a little snake and watched it for a while until Elle got a hold of it. :)
We threw rocks into the mud puddles and laughed at the water splashing.
We found an earth worm and decided that they do NOT taste good.
We picked dandelions and talked about how pretty they are.
We stuck our hands deep into the dirt and threw it all over.
We could not wait to see Daddy when we got back to the house.
It sure is great being a little boy!


Last week we enjoyed a great visit with Mom's sister Dorie and her family. Last summer Dorie and the girls came out, but I had not seen Uncle Billy and Chad for 5 years. It was wonderful to see them again! The trip had a bitter sweet shadow as Grandma Homan is going down hill. She has been in the nursing home in Sabetha for 10 years, and due to Alziemers (sp?) has not known any of us for almost that long. Last week she was not able to keep food down for a few days in a row. We are sad to see her in this condition, and hope that she is soon able to go and be with the Lord. The incredable thing was that she was really with it mentally for the time the Janes were here. She knew Dorie and Billy and Mom. Mom was able to have some conversations with her that she stuck with. We are thanking the Lord for that time together. Sisters enjoying some chocolate :)
We had a crazy time Thursday night trying out the new karaoke set from the Janes....

Sing it out!

My personal favorite!

Someone got Marcus to sleep... so sweet!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Six weeks old

Guess who is six weeks old today? My, time flies! Marcus is growing every day and showing his own personality. He is now 14 pounds and has a healthy double chin. :) He has just started finding his thumb and today I noticed twice when he successfully got it in his mouth and became instantly content. His eyes are still a deep blue, which is so pretty. He is starting to smile some and that just thrills my heart. Most of the time he has a very serious scowl on his face! I think it might have something to do with a big brother that is always crawling on top of him to give him kisses. Paul just loves Marcus and when he cries, he rushes over and tries to kiss him or pat him somewhere to help. Marcus is sleeping better at night, with a few exceptions each week it seems. On a good night though, he will go 3-4 hours between feedings, very nice for Mom. :) I found my thumb!
Paul is keeping me busy. Period. Life with a almost 15 month old is up and down and all over the place! Can you tell he loves to get into things? He is really enjoying the nicer weather and a chance to go outside and get DIRTY. (Boys :) The other day I just stripped him down before we went inside for lunch and a nap and when he woke up I put the muddy stuff back on for a another few hours in the dirt! Beats washing two outfits!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Catching up...

Well, it is way past time for me to do some catching up here. I guess I will claim the excuse that everyone I see comments on. "You sure have your hands full!" (And they say that when Scott is not around, guess what they would say if he was there too! :)
The past 2 weeks we were blessed to have a good friend from Ohio, Hannah Lefchik come and stay with us and help out. Thank you Hannah for all your hard work and every ready smile. We miss you! I think Paul got quiet used to having another set of hands to wait on him and he is going through withdrawal!
Scott is doing well at the jail, as a reserve deputy, he has been able to ride along with some of the deputies and that has become a highlight for him. He even got to go along on a search warrant a few weeks ago. (Granted he was back-up 2 blocks away, but it is a start!) We celebrated our 2cd anniversary this month and it seems like just yesterday we were getting ready for the wedding. Time sure flies! We thank the Lord for the time he has given us and pray for many more wonderful years to come!
I am feeling really good, Marcus is sleeping a little better at nights, so I am not so tired. With the weather so nice, I will have to be careful not to push too hard. Paul loves being outside and we are enjoying spending a lot of time in the sunshine!
I will try to update again soon! Here are some pictures:)
Hannah with the boys
Paul and Papa at the Ulmers

Scott helping with the laundry

Flowers from my love :)

Spring cleaning...

Last Saturday I was blessed to have the hard work of my sisters and Hannah in helping me do some much needed deep cleaning. We attacked the downstairs with a furry and at the end of the day I was really encouraged by all that we had accomplished. Thank you so much girls!!! Phoebe helping with some laundry.... "You are taking MY picture?"
Elizabeth, the carpet shampoo expert

You cannot imagen how much dust.....

The best job in the house!

Raisin thief

"I know Mom said these last few raisins are for Hannah's breakfast, but she left them here on the chair, so that means they are really for me. Right?" "Ohhhh, some fell out of the bag into the box. Sun Maid is the best folks!"
"Busted again!!!"It is tough when both you parents are in law enforcement! I am just glad Mom does not carry hand cuffs!"

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pictures of the week

I thought about just posting one "picture of the week", but who could choose between these two great shots!?