Thursday, May 18, 2006

Teething.... :)

Not too fussy to share a smile!

"This rag is nice and cold!"

Well, its about that time. Paul is 4 1/2 months old and after chewing on EVERYTHING for about 2 weeks now, he is putting the process in high gear. Slight fever, runny nose, swollen gums, restless nights, fussy days, - yep, eventually we will have some teeth! I must remember two things in this trying time. One, it will pass! (Night time is not very fun- up a lot.) And two, just because he is unhappy now does not mean he will get teeth right away. I am told by those older and wiser than me that the teeth can move up and down in the gums, so it could be a while yet.
He seems to really like chewing on a washrag that has a little water frozen at the ends- or just eating a lot! When I was at the store last night I looked at some infant pain/fever relief drops, (extreamly over priced in my opinion:), but the only brand our small store had was cherry, with red dye. ( For those who did not hear, after a bubble bath that contained red dye, and strawberry fragrance Paul broke out into terrible hives. We are not sure if it was the dye, (aunt Esther is allergic to that), or the strawberry, (Scott is alllergic to strawberries we think), but either way, I did not think a teething fussy baby was a good time to try to experiment and figure it out! So anyway, I will try to check at a Wal-Mart soon I guess.
Otherwise we are doing well. We butcher our first batch of chickens Saturday, 50 in this group. Scott starts softball this Sunday night, so we have been playing some catch to get all warmed up for the season.
I guess that is all for now!


Just-us said...

He is SOO cute!! I love doing this blogging thing, Lydia, it makes me feel like we are almost next door! Paul sure has changed in looks since we've seen him last! He is so much more grown up looking, and sits up so well! Justice can't wait to see him!

Kourtney Pyle said...

Scott, Lydia, and Paul,
Paul is getting SO cute! And big! God bless you guys!
See you soon!

allyn&emily said...

Hey Ansons...

I'm looking forward to meeting Paul on Sunday and re-meeting you all! I think we met at Mandi's wedding, but that has been awhile. Thanks for agreeing to host the gang.

Allyn Weddle