Monday, May 08, 2006

The mystery fox

Do you remember this girl? She was foxy!!
Paul enjoying his swing under the old windmill.
Paul at 4 months old :)

He was here. We saw him. He was not afraid of the yard light. He was hungry. He liked the taste of chicken. He had pups (we saw two). He was cunning though... not easy to get rid of. We tried to shoot him with a .22 caliber but he was just too fast. SO..... I filled his BACKSIDE with buckshot, and he hasn't been back since!!

Look at the picture of Lydia pregnant. Wasn't she just SO cute!!

Paul misses his grandma Sue!! And so do we!


Hannah Michelle said...

Love the pictures! (Even if you didn't post them for me...) Scott, that baby-wearing look is most becoming on you. haha! ;-)

natalie said...

Hey Lydia!
It's great to see you again...even if it is just via the Internet connection.
It will be fun to reconnect and keep up with you...since I seem to usually be about a year behind in the goings on... ;-)

Anonymous said...

The way this reads I it sure looks like Lydia is the mystery fox....but i didn"t think she had TWO pups and I can't believe you'd shoot her in the backside with buckshot...well actually maybe....oh well seeya.mommaU

Anonymous said...

Like the blog! It is fun to keep up on ya'll...great photos... like the one of 'mamma' Lydia! Praying the Lord blesses those chickens and keeps the predators away! Take care of that little guy...looks like he's having fun being a 'big boy' going with Daddy!