Friday, December 21, 2007

Ice storm

December has flown by for the Ansons- do you know that feeling? It starts out on like the 4th or 5th of December and you just can't wait until Christmas and when you get to see your family and share gifts- then WHOOOSH! The month is almost over and you are left scratching your head wondering where the time went! This year we had an added excitement that seemed to make time disappear even faster. December 11th we were struck with severe ice storm and lost all power for several days. Many in the area are still without power, but thankfully we had ours restored Monday the 17th. After we lost power on the 11th, we decided that we would not stay at home- without a generator and no means to heat the house, it was getting chilly fast. After an afternoon at some friends in Sabetha, we headed up to Seward Ne. were there was electricity and heat! :) We were very blessed by the generosity of great friends, (Thanks Schreiners and Wissmanns!!!) and stayed in the area for a few days. Scott was able to purchase a generator and brought it back to Ulmers. Then the boys and I came back and we camped out there for a few days. We loved having extra time with family! Saturday Seth purchased a generator and allowed us to hook it up at our house- so good to be home! It was a crazy week, but we are healthy and safe and grateful for a warm house with electricity! Thanks for your prayers!
Our trees were just destroyed.

Poor Rowdy, (our dog) his dog house got buried, but he was ok.

The goats were smart not to come out in this...

Paul saw the bright side of things, he thought that the world had turned into one big popsicle for him to eat!

The beautiful tree that was right out our front door

Seth at work with the chain saw...
Going, going...

Here lies most of the tree-
(We have several other piles around the yard as well.)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Do you want some apple?

Snack time-
Would you like some of my apple?

Take a big bite!

Be careful!

I am getting board- lets try pushing it on the floor and eat it this way!

Playing outside

November was fairly mild here in Kansas- turning really cold just before Thanksgiving. The nice days were a big blessing as the boys and I tried to spend as much time outside before it got really cooooold for the winter. Here are a few pictures from various days.
"Hay rack ride"

"What does this stuff taste like?"

"I wonder if I will get away with it too?"

"Maybe I will take a little nap..."

"On second thought, please pick me up!"

One especially nice day we hiked to the wash-out. Paul LOVED it and was very sad when it was time to go home. Marcus was eager to taste all the new dirt :)

Climbing with Elle


Paul was disapointed you can not eat this kind of apple.
Climbing a tree on the way home- all by himself!

Playing peek-a-boo with Aunt Esther
She can get such cute faces out of that little boy!

Well, some of the time.... I guess he was done with pictures for now! :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Almost everyone I run into when I am out comments, "You sure have your hands full!" Some say it with a voice of pity, others amazement, many just stating the obvious as I carry two boys and a bag of groceries to the car.
Everyone may see my hands full..... not everyone gets to see my cup overflowing."Let me show you brother"

"You are my buddy."

We love each other sooooo much!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chicago trip

The first weekend in October found us on the road again- this time headed to Chicago for a very special event. Scott's only brother Tony, was getting married. We left Thursday morning- we set out on time :), picked up Elizabeth and headed to Omaha were we had reserved a rental car for the trip. This was probably one of the best ideas we have had. Besides getting a very good rental rate, we had a larger car, nicer car, and more fuel efficient. It was a real blessing. We had managed to secure Elizabeth's help on the trip by the idea that we could meet her good friend Ali (who lives about 2 hours from Chicago) and Elizabeth could spend the visit at the Klahns while we were in Chicago. It worked out great a was a huge blessing to have someone else to ride in the back seat with the boys. If I sat back there too long I started to go stir crazy! :)
Scott's grandparents had not seen Paul since he was 6 weeks old, and obviously not yet met Marcus, so it was wonderful to stay with them through the weekend. (Thank you so much!) Thursday night after we arrived we ate and headed out to go bowling with the family. Bowling is definitely an Anson talent and hobby. While I enjoy the sport, my wrist does not- so I chose to watch- a good call as there was some good bowlers competing and I would have been left in the dust! :) It was great to have some fun together before all the "wedding stuff".
Friday Scott took the boys and me "around town"- we stopped by the company were he used to work and ate lunch at the deli he bought his lunch at for years. It was a lot of fun to finally put a face to the people he has talked about. Of course everyone was so tickled to see him and meet me and the boys- that was a nice feeling.
Friday night was rehearsal and Saturday the wedding. It was a little hard on the boys as napping was really messed up- Paul was a wreck through the wedding, but we had a good time and were so honored to be included. Congratulations again to Tony and Lisa! It was wonderful to see all our "Illinois family" we miss you and love you!
We arrived home around 8pm Sunday night, tired and ready for home- but so glad we went. We can't wait to see family again at the holidays!
It must be an Anson thing... :)

I am not sure who is helping who..?

Scott's cousin Keith and girlfriend Laura

I think this was a discussion of how the Cubs were playing

There is a reason they call him the "Best Man" :) He is sooo handsome!

The whole wedding party

Lisa's son Jeremy- a very dashing ring bearer

We love you Grandma and Grandpa and Mama Sue!

I think Marcus was ready to eat the flowers


I love this picture Nick! You look so cool!

"Can I eat your salad Daddy?"

The new Mr. and Mrs. Tony Anson

All tired out and ready for bed- Paul loves his daddy!

Sunday morning cuddles. SO SWEET!


The end of September found our family driving 4 hours to Mark Twain State Park in Mo. for a family vacation and get-together with Scott's Mom and nephews. WE drove out Thursday night the 20th and came home that Sunday. It was a really fun and relaxing time. We rented a cabin that was super nice- (the only thing I would change was a bathroom instead of walks to the "shower house", but hey- we were "camping"! :) The boys did great, and we had a wonderful visit with family. Most of the time we spent there at the camp ground. The lake was just 75 yards or so down the hill from us and we enjoyed watching the boats and wildlife. Nick and Bryan were even able to go fishing- Nick caught one fine fish! Sunday we headed into Hannibal and had fun at a family park. There was bumper boats and a radar throw, a bounce house (A great hit with Paul:) and a great game called Water Wars. Basically you sling HUGE water balloons at each other and try to soak the other person. It was great! We had such a good time we are thinking of making it an Anson tradition for a fall trip!
Outside the cabin on our porch

The roomy inside with a loft

Game time!

Nick's fish :)

Grandma loves Marcus!

Everyone SMILE!

Paul really enjoyed the bumper boats- it was a hot day and the water felt good

This was a great hit- haha

Ready-aim- splat!