Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas pictures....

December was a busy month for us- filled with great memories and good times. We really enjoyed hosting friends in mid December for a time of Christmas carols and fellowship. Then the count down to Christmas. The boys loved the Christmas decorations and Paul was super excited that we had lights on the OUTSIDE of our house. Philip is such a happy guy
A favorite activity- telling the nativity story with their own "people"

Christmas morning

We have to eat breakfast first!

The boys love fruit

Marcus with his new tool bench

Paul was very excited about his new pistol guns

New books

Paul with his new guns- ready to ride :)

Marcus is perfectly happy with the cast off gun and car.
Christmas evening we headed up to my folks for a short visit. We stayed through Friday and came home Friday night. We LOVE going to Papa and Nana's house and had a great time. It was especially wonderful because the Shepards were up as well and we were all together as a family.
Friday some of us girls decided to have some fun with the makeup that one of my sisters got for Christmas.

Something did not look right.... :)

Concentrating really hard

Plenty of choices

Yes, Tabitha trusted her face to me!
Nana loves to watch her grand babies.
Rebecca and Andrew- can you believe they have been married over 5 years?
We also enjoyed exchanging gifts- I think this was for Philip, not PapaNoah and Marcus

Micah and Paul
This was the first year Paul was not going to have the Ulmers with him for his birthday- So the birthday cousins (Paul on Dec. 30 and Justice on Jan.5) had a early celebration with Papa and Nana.

We love Papa!

We had a wonderful holiday. We love and miss you Ulmers and Shepards!


Klahn Family said...

Thanks for putting up all the pictures, Lydia! It looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca looks like Phoebe in that picture of her and her husband!!