Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, I have been doing some tinkering around on the blog and changed the looks a little bit. I hope everyone enjoys it! Let me know if you have problems viewing the posts.
December is flying by for us- it is so good to have Scott home every day. The boys and I love all his hugs and tickles and pinches! :)
Earlier this month we were able to spend several days at my folks house deer hunting. Paul and Marcus loved playing with all their aunts and uncles, and hold a very special place in their hearts for Nana and Papa. A big thank you to my family for watching the boys so Scott and I could go hunting. And a successful hunt it was this year, with each of us harvesting a doe. I am afraid I was bit by the jealousy bug a few times after hearing my brother's stories on harvesting their bucks- but our meat will taste better! :)
We are getting ready for Christmas- the boys are so excited. They do not realize they are getting gifts and their sweet excitement about giving to others is a humble reminder of the phrase- "It is better to give than to receive." Paul was especially concerned that we have lights hanging on our house outside- so we have a small string up. Maybe next year we can do more.
I will try to get some pictures on soon- but here a few "Paul sayings" to close for now!

"My sleeves are locked"- Button down shirt with buttons on the sleeves that Paul could not open.
Putting on his socks- "Help Mom- my foot is backwards!"
And my favorite for this time of the year-
When telling the Christmas story and what the angel said to the shepherds-
"Glory to God and Goliath!"

God bless!


Beckman Family said...

Love the background!
I'm glad you got it figured out!
Yes, the picture of you and the boys made me smile! Thanks again for having us! Have a Merry Christmas!
Talk to you soon,

The Ulmer Family said...

Love the new look Lydia...everybody I know is giving their blog a face-lift.......maybe I'll try it sometime!! :) Christmas break might be when I have the extra time, but you never know, I may spend all my extra minutes playing with 4 adorable boys!! :)
I LOVE the Paul sayings-- too cute!! I was going to say which one is my favorite, but they're all too adorable to choose just one!!
See you in two days!!!

Anonymous said...

How funny, Those boys are just to cute..
You guys are such a blessing to us. I am so glad you are able to make it back as much as you do. You and Scott are doing such a great job with the boys !!
See you on Christmas
Aunt Esther

Anonymous said...

I love the blog changes!!! and I LOVE the Paul 'sayings' !!!! We love you guys, was so good to see you all!

Anna Baltensperger said...

Paul's little quotes are so cute. Ha! Thanks for sharing them. It's fun to check out your blog and see pictures of your growing little men.

Happy New Year!

Amy Joy said...

Scott and Lydia,

What a pleasure it was to receive your Christmas letter, family photo, and the link to this blog. We certainly enjoyed "catching up" on what's been going on in your lives lately. Congratulations on the many cool milestones and exciting developments that came your way in 2008. I'll pop-in from time to time on this blog to see how you're doing in 2009. Looks like it'll be another great year for the Anson's! :) Thanks for thinking of us .... Love you!

In Him,

Amy Joy