Monday, January 05, 2009

Paul's 3rd birthday

Paul was very excited about his birthday. I guess I should say he was really excited about his birthday cake. The rest of the birthday was not that big a deal to him! :) The problem was, he kept changing what kind of cake he wanted every day. Turns out he is a lot like his Mom was when she was younger. It does not matter what the cake tastes like, just what it LOOKS like. The more icing and sprinkles the better! In the end we had chocolate-chocolate chip cake- with no fun frosting, but really fun candles. Here is the birthday boy after helping make his cake- notice the brown glow about his face?
Tangerine spritzer never tasted so fancy

Paul picked his meal- Deer steaks, home made french fries and cooked carrots.

He was shocked that you get presents on your birthday too!

Mom and Dad got one big present this year- a police duplo set. He really enjoys it.

In other news- Philip got his first hair cut, and tried rice cereal in the same week!

Not so sure about that cereal- it's fun to have in my mouth, but I hate the feeling of it going down my throat.

And the big highlight for Dad and Paul- January 2cd, Scott went hunting on a friends local ground and shot a doe. Paul was able to go with him for the hunt and really enjoyed being with Dad!


Klahn Family said...

I LOVE the pictures, Lydia!! And, of course I have to say that YOUR BOYS ARE SOOOO CUTE!!! Hopefully Philip doesn't get too much older before I get to see him!


Josiah and Abi Wissmann said...

How can he be 3?! I remember hearing when he was born...and it doesn't seem that long ago! And at least he got his carrots in there to compensate for the cake! LOL! :) Your boys are such handsome little fellows! Fun to see your posts!

Hannah Michelle said...

The birthday boy definitely has good taste! That's so cute about being surprised by the present. :)

You know, that last picture is really cute until you look down and see that Scott has his arm around a dead dear...