Friday, July 13, 2007

Trip to Nebraska

The Anson tradition has been to head up to Seward Ne. each year for a July 4th get together with our friends the Schreiners and Gurnseys. This year, Schreiners were going to be involved in a church get together and Gurnseys were not going to come down, so after some good hard thinking about the long drive, (almost 8 hrs) we packed up and headed for Long Pine Ne. instead. Mandi Gurnsey has been a good friend of mine since we met in 2000, and after marrying Alex and moving to extream northern Ne. I don't get to see her much any more. THe trip was a fun time to catch up and enjoy the wonderful hospitality they shared.
We had many good talks, played a few games of spatch, (the Ulmer/Anson game that is a mix of Spades and Pitch, it is a lot a fun, but can turn deadly when playing against Scott!) and enjoyed an evening at the creek.
We look forward to the next time we can get together- miss you all!
Amber- (13 mo) looks hungry :)

Paul loved playing with Anna (3 yrs.) and the favorite activity was swinging in the hammock

Opps- something went wrong here!!!

A trip to the park... (Where something is more interesting than the camera)

A big highlight (haha) of the trip has always been fireworks and Scott gets a little on the goofy side when it gets this time of year. He did a great job using self control and with the collection picked by him and Alex, we had a great show! Paul got to have his first sparkler- which he kept wanting to touch- I think it will be a few years before he is helping Daddy set things off!

Mandi with her beautiful girls watching the fire works show.
Thanks for a wonderful visit- thanks Gurnseys!

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