Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dog days of summer....

The dog days of summer are good for many things. We will share some of our favorites!When it is hot and sticky, best advise is to pant.... :)

Or find a good book to read.

Play Ball!

Share some of Daddy's breakfast yogurt


Of course anything with cool water and family!

Watch out for that sun and have a good summer!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lydia,
Thanks for the day together last week! I so enjoyed watching you be such a wonderful mommy to your two adorable little boys! Keep on keepin' on! RW

The Ulmer Family said...

Ah- I love the picture of Marcus selecting a book to read. What a cutie!! And those sunglasses are so Paul!!

hannah michelle said...

Cute pics! Looks like the Ansons are having a great summer. ;-) I'm totally digging that shot of you and the carrots. haha.