Saturday, July 28, 2007

News and catching up...

Hey folks! This is Marcus here with an Anson update! I have been keeping Mom sooo busy, she hardly has time to get to the computer anymore. :) I am a real snuggle boy- I love to suck my fingers and hold my blanket and just be held. Mom says she loves to hold me and would all day, but she needs her hands for other things too! I guess Paul needs her hands sometimes- he is always getting dirty! July has been a big month for me. I cut 2 teeth, really started rolling well and am starting to scoot. It will not be long and I will be crawling after Paul when he wrestles with Daddy. I am not sleeping through the night yet.... I have heard Mom and Dad talk about that a lot lately- their ideas don't sound that great to me! What do you mean let me lay there and CRY????? They did mention starting me on cereal and yogurt though- and I really like that idea! I have started trying to grab at the table and really watch what everyone eats- I hope that they will drop something down to me!
Paul is my buddy. I love playing with him, unless he gives kisses- they hurt! He needs to learn to shut his mouth when he kisses. He is always blowing on my tummy or rolling over me- I think this is just swell and don't mind at all. We are always happy when Mom puts us in the stroller- that means we are going outside for a while. Paul loves to climb in and out- exploring about everything. I would rather chew on the buckle strap!
Paul eats soooo much! He loves picking cucumbers in the garden and eating them with Momma. He has tried to give me some of his food several times, but alas, Mom always stops him. Something about me needing to get bigger....
How big do I need to get? I am already over 18 pounds at just about 6 months!
Back to Paul. He is such a good climber- he is constantly pushing his limits trying to get up and over things. Tumbles do not seem to bother him. He is talking some now- a lot more than me anyway! :)
He says a lot of animal noises and knows many peoples names. He talks to "E-ye" (Elle) a lot. When she eats Mom's tomatoes off the vine he helps Mom to yell at her. :)
Paul also loves to sing, or listen to music. We both like it when Mom turns on our Bible Songs.
Daddy and Mommy are keeping very busy with 2 boys, but Daddy has a lot more time now and we really like it. The beginning of July was a big month for Daddy too- he started a new job and now works 8-5 Monday thru Friday. That means he is home to tuck us in every night!!! After a lot of praying and talking he left the jail in June, feeling that his commitment to his family came before his commitment to his career and that full time law enforcement is not for him- at least not now. A long 21 week academy away from us, strange shift hours that made family time slim and the constant on call life style of a "peace keeper"; Daddy said "Family first" and is happy at a new place! He now works at LASI- a grain elevator/seed company in Bern Ks, up by Pappa and Nanna's house. He is a manager and really enjoys the responsibilty and challange. We are loving it!!
Well, I better close soon- this writing is hard work! Mamma is thankful for such a "loving husband" and "sweet boys". She loves summer and gardening and canning and baking and is always busy in the kitchen--maybe that is why the laundry suffers! :) She tries to find a few mintues at night to study.. she likes that helping women with babies stuff- too complicated for me!
WOW! It is past my bed time! I should say good-bye. We have lots of animals and garden to take care of so we do not leave home very often, but we sure like visits- so if you are in the area, make sure you stop by! I always have a smile for folks who like to hold babies! :)


Anonymous said...

What an ADORABLE post!! Thanks Marcus!!He is changing in looks SO much.... Is he going to be BLONDE???? That would be hilarious for you two to have a blondie!!!
Miss you all Love Aunt Rebecca

The Ulmer Family said...

Marcus a blonde?? You and Scott couldn't have run out of ink yet??? :) hahaha

hannah michelle said...

Aw, thanks Marcus! I see more writing in your future! You have grown SO MUCH since I was there. Tell daddy "way to go" on the new job, that sounds GREAT for everyone! :-)