Saturday, February 03, 2007

Family Picture

While at Rebecca and Andrew's house, we asked them to help us get a good family picture done. We have wanted to get a family shot for quite a while, and never seem to make it happen. We knew we wanted it done before the baby, so we would have one to remember when life was "just us and Paul"! So thanks to their help we have several good pictures to chose from. Some need a little cropping or other editing, but here are our favorites.... Votes anyone??
Ok, so this is not a family shot, but a sweet one I had to include! :)
One of the first ones we took
One of the last ones... Can you tell Paul was getting tired of this?
With a little cropping on my side of the picture, I think this is my favorite!


Anonymous said...

Umm............the last one if my favorite......that is one CUTE little Paul.

Anonymous said...

They are all wonderful! I love Paul's smile in the last one, and the one of you and Scott is cute. I like em all!
God bless!

abi said...

Paul's smile is really cute in the last one, but I think the tenderness in #3 is precious! Besides...if is just a vote, you get to choose you final favorite.

P.S.I know Wissmann's, and thus found you blog. Can't wait for a family pic. w/ Anson baby number 2 in it!:)

Jenny Hull said...

Everyone looks so happy! :) That's sweet. :)