Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One week old

Look who is one week old today!! Marcus is such a blessing and joy. We are so blessed to have him as part of our family. A huge thank you to all of you for your prayers, support and help through this pregnancy, birth and recovery.
I had a long labor again this time, but the Lord sustained us and we are both healthy and doing well. I am recovery MUCH faster than I did after Paul. I feel good, and besides being tired, :) am slowly adjusting to this new "normal" of two little boys. Both Scott's Mom and my Mom were able to be here for the birth and were a huge help. Scott's Mom stayed with us for the rest of the week, taking excellent care of the house and meals. Many women are blessed with Mother-in-law who are a help, not as many are blessed with a good friend. I feel privalged to say I have both! Thank you Mama Sue!! We sure love and miss you!
My family has been a great help as well, and we are glad to have them close. Playing with Paul is especially helpful as I cannot be as active with him as I usally am. He misses me carrying him all over and loves it when he can chase around his uncles and aunts! Which brings us to how Paul is adjusting.... He is doing pretty well, it does not help that he has been cutting teeth this past week, so that has caused some discomfort. He loves Marcus and is very attentive to his cry. He tries to say "Marcus", but mostly refers to him as "bababa". Just tonight while we were in the kitchen eating, Marcus started crying in the living room where he had been sleeping. Paul immediatly pointed to the living room and cried, "Bababab", and when I asked, "Do you think I should go get baby Marcus?" he answered with an enthusiastic nodding of the head! He gets frustrated that I cannot carry him around, but over all we he is doing well.
Scott has been such a huge help and is so understanding. He is great when Marcus wakes up in the middle of the night and is extra help around the house. I am so grateful!
Well, that catches us up for a while- God bless!Hi everyone!
All tuckered out.
Did you know I am a big brother?!


~AliisaJoy~ said...

What a cutie!! Glad to hear you are recovering well. It's always tough when Mom is "under the weather"!!

Aunt Elizabeth said...

Awwww.......what precious cuties!! Those boys are my nephews......it just makes me want to burst with happiness!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lydia, they are so, so, so cute! Marcus just makes you want to give him a kiss and a squeeze! That story and picture of Paul is so funny