Tuesday, June 06, 2006

PUPPIES!!!! :)

Two of the puppies have these cute black spots on their rumps!
Here is three of them

For several weeks now, we have had a pregnant dog in the house. Last Thursday that all changed. Elle had 4 puppies in the early hours of Thursday morning, 3 males and 1 female. Noah's dog Roscar is the proud father.
The puppies are really cute, but Elle is SUPER protective, and we could not even get her out of her kennel the first day. Now she comes out, but still growls at us if we get too close when she is in there with them.
We will probably end up selling most or all of the pups, but right now they sure are cute!


Just-us said...

Oh Lydia, they are SOOO adorable!!!!I wish she had had them while we were there! Of course sounds like she wouldn't have let us hold them anyway! They are just as round and rolly polly as our little guys, so they must be getting well fed from Elle!

Anonymous said...

Cute puppies! Wait until their eyes open - then you'll have a handful! How fun! Paul is sure growing big also. After such a busy weekend, I pray things will slow down for awhile. Looks like you had a houseful. Isn't it great to share hospitality? Blessings, RW