Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Thinking about catching up:)

Well there is nothing like starting out the New Year already behind!!! My blog posts and pictures have been held up by some problems we are having with our desktop computer. Scott has been working on it and it is not freezing up every 3 minutes now, but still having a few issues. Hopefully I can do a big update soon with lots of great pictures! Until then, I hope these few keep you smiling! Cowboys :)
This one is for you Aunt Jeannie! Thanks for the socks!

All dressed up and ready for church!


Auntie Elizabeth said...

God is so Good. When I look at these little smiles I am amazed. He has big things in store for the Anson Four.
And think- I get to be their Aunt! Don't grow up too fast guys.

Just-us said...

Awwww... I guess it'd been a while since I've been on here!! I love the pictures! I bet Paul likes those 'church clothes'!! What precious boys!

Anonymous said...

I have the, without a doubt, most adorable and obedient big boy nephews in the world!!!!
Love you Guys,
Aunt Tabitha

Anonymous said...

What fun pictures! Adorable little boys. Love your sharing of your mama's heart, too. - em