Saturday, January 23, 2010

December in review

Our December was blessed with family and fun- although I battled a head cold, the rest of the family stayed healthy, and that is a huge blessing!
We are so grateful for our family and friends- May the Lord bless you in the New Year!
Growing every day!
Belated Christmas at the Ulmers- chaps made by Nana!

Will enjoying a taste of Noah's hair :)

Book bags from Papa and Nana

The end of the month is very important! Paul turned a long awaited 4!

Cuddles with Aunt Phoebe

And Aunt Elizabeth

Enjoying the heritage chimes (Over Thanksgiving weekend)

Marcus likes these!

William never lacks a willing arm to hold him!

Cuddles with Uncle Moses

Smile! We love Grandma Sue!

Merry Christmas!


Hannah Michelle said...

Awww...the boys are too cute! You're amazing. =)

Anonymous said...

awesome... thanks for sharing... these are all wonderful !
we miss you all, love and hugs

Mama Sonja