Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feeling a bit poetic tonight.... :)

Tonight I spent the evening
taking care of little boys
I do this every day,
while tripping over toys
There is dirty clothes and dishes
Shoes to put away,
The food to fetch from the freezer,
tomorrow's another day
The pile of mending seems endless,
the time always flies
When patching knees of little pants
between the baby's cries
The bathroom found the mop today
the first time in 2 weeks,
With their enthusiasm to help
it now no longer reeks
Finally the last one nods
quiet steals across the house
I come downstairs to more chaos
want to collapse upon the couch
But instead I grab the tape
and the pile of ripped up books,
I remember the hymnals,
and the loose pages Philip took
And as I sit with my tape
And think how worn things seem,
I reflect on how they get that way
And living out my dream
You see...
I rather have a a bunch of books, all ripped and covers stained,
And know my boys love to read, and will learn with joy some day
I rather have three hymnals that are all missing a favorite page
And know that my boys love to sing and shout their Saviour's praise
I rather have a pile of jeans, not one without much wear
And know that healthy boys are ones that do the wear and tear
I rather have a lot of dishes, stacked almost to the sky
And know that food is plentiful, well-fed they can't deny
I rather have dirty clothes that seem to multiply,
Because they got them dirty helping cook our supper tonight
I rather be tired at the end of every day,
I rather be worn out and have no time to play
Than to trade all this work for a life of ease and fun
I am a MOM and that is my dream, I pray its a job well done!
(With great thanks to my Mom who has sacrificed for years and continues to do so daily!
And thanks to my mother-in-law, your bed-time-prayers have become my prayers-come-true!
And even more thanks to my wonderful husband- you enable me to be the woman I am- I would be lost without you! I love you!
And most of all thanks to my Lord, who sees fit to give me another day with my family and help mold these little souls for eternity!)


Hannah Michelle said...

That was beautiful Lydia! God bless you and give you grace enough for each day! =)

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful, brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart !
mama Sonja

Anonymous said...

wow lydia,I didn't know I had a poet for a sister! But a poet for a sister is just as good! Your still a wonderful sister to look up to! I hope to see you soon lydia! Love,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Marcus!!!

from Sonja and Wally

Just-us said...

wow, apparently I haven't been on here in a while... love the poem... and the pictures, and love how the livingroom looks with paint!!!! yeah!! I read the poem to Justice who asked 'why would she rather have dirty dishes and laundry?" I answered you'd rather have that than no boys at all!! Just think in ten years, Lydia how blessed you will be with a crew of workers( you are blessed now to!!) love you!!!

pandy said...

really nice
keep up the good work
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carmen said...

No tengo ni idea de inglés pero como es el siguiente blog al mio y me pareceis una familia feliz os doy la enhorabuena y os mando un saludo desde España.

JiLiblue said...

aw I absolutely love this I was having an off day as a young single mommy but you just reminded me all I have to be grateful for bless you and your lil ones for making the sun come out for me through your heartfelt words!