Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Busy summer

Summer is upon us and we are busy! As I looked over all the pictures I have since last time I blogged, I realized how behind I really am! Hopefully I will get some more pictures on here soon. But for now I wanted everyone to know we are still alive and well!
We have been gardening, (yes, I have a small garden! Yeah! The boys love watering it and watching for produce to be ready.) Swimming, playing, keeping up the house and a host of other things. The past few weeks were tough on Scott and I as we both lost a grandparent. Scott's grandpa passed away the end of May, and my maternal grandmother died mid-June. What a time to be grateful for family and the support of those you love. We were so glad we were able to see Scott's grandpa just a week before his passing.
My grandma had been in poor health for a long time, so we were thankful that her suffering is over and were able to rejoice in time with family together. (Yes, I did fly to NY for the funeral. Scott stayed with the older two boys and Philip and I were able to spend time with family. IT was a very precious time.)
Of course the end of June brought Scott's birthday and we enjoyed helping him celebrate- we are so grateful for such a wonderful husband and daddy! He loves Italian food and so I made manicotti for his "meal"- or as Paul renamed it- "man-in-potty". :)
The boys are growing and changing every day. Philip is beginning to walk all over and it will not be long before crawling is a thing of the past. The older boys love trying to help him.... and he is fairly patient with their efforts!
I will try to get more pictures up soon! Until then- we pray you are enjoying your summer and filling it with time spent for the kingdom! Cousins having fun- May 09

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Beckman Family said...

So glad you are having a nice summer! We were sorry to hear about both your grandparents.......

We'd love to see you all soon!
Maybe sometime in July?? I'll have Mom call you soon-----
Have a great weekend celebrating Independence Day!