Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer pictures

Here are some pictures of this summer... we hope you enjoy them! The wonderful slip and slide
Can you tell we mowed the grass the same day? :)

My 2 cowboys- Paul loves dressing the part, even if it means a jacket when it is 90* out. :)

Sticking out your tongue is very helpful when getting the caps in right.

A fun garage sale find- a perfect boys tent!

At the funeral home in NY

The four Homan siblings

Philip loves his Nana!

Part of the NY crowd out on a walk- notice the jackets! It was so nice there!

Beach day! Rebecca and Aunt Dorie

She does more than take pictures..... she captures life-
Forever etching a smile on your heart
Capturing a sunset that takes your breath away
Catching the falling tear
Wow- I am so glad she loves taking pictures because I sure love looking at them!

Philip's first time at the ocean!

It was cold!

I sure missed Scott and the older boys!


Finally the sun came out!

Phoebe trying her hand at a sand castle

What a fun birthday gift- one of the deputies gave Scott a bunch of fresh produce from his garden. I woke up on my birthday to a kitchen full of yummy veggies to put up!

More of the produce

My big helpers getting the veggies ready

Working hard!

These are big Mom!


Anonymous said...

Very fun. Great pics!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Love the mowed grass pictures. Our neighbor boys just did the same thing last week. Grass everywhere adds to the fun memories! - Emily

Anonymous said...

I love the pics!!!! Can't wait to see you next week!! - the boys are SOO precious!! love you all! Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your summer pictures. Waiting now to see pictures of your house updates when you had the "helping shower"....and of course baby pics when that time comes.

Nancy Baltensperger

Anonymous said...

hi lydia!! how are you?!?!? I hope your labor goes well! (when you go in labor!) anyway,I am really eager to come down to babysit!!