Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring boys

This spring has been a wonderful time to be outside. We have really enjoyed a lot of trips to the park, and of course working in the yard.(We have even planted a small miniature garden!) The boys keep us busy and we could not be near this happy with any other type of "busy" that there is. Their vocabularies keep growing and I get tickled all the time with the funny things they come up with to say.
Here are just a few.... :)
Paul- "Marcus, you are a curious boy"
"Mom are you going to put gorilla in that? Gorilla makes it soooo good!" (gorilla= vanilla)
"Mom....Mom......Mom....." (Mom)-"Yes Paul" "Mom..... oh, I lost my word :("
"Mom, I am so strusterated!" (Frustrated)

Marcus- "Sure sing!" = Sure thing! With a huge smile!
" Idea Mom"= Good idea Mom
"In a few weeks"= When I say not now to anything, he makes this logical assumption, in a few weeks!
"No treats mom, you peep in your underwear...." Can you tell we are potty training?:)

Our cowboys
Fun at the park

Yummy smoothies!

Yeah! We got the sandbox set up

Can you tell we got summer haircuts?

More park time.... never conventional

What a big boy!

Don't look Grandma!

Rolling down the hill
Please be in prayer for our family, particularly Scott over the next few weeks. This last week we made a quick trip to Chicago to visit his Grandpa. Grandpa had been feeling poorly, but after further testing the doctor says the cancer has spread through his body and he probably has only a few weeks left with us. Scott's Mom is taking a lot of time of work to be with him and we pray the the Lord will be merciful and he will not suffer too much. It is particularly hard for Scott to be so far from family in a time like this. Thanks for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Oh, so precious!!!I can't WAIT to see you all in just two days!! YEAH
I LOVE the boy's 'sayings' !!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the boys are loving summer! Great pictures.

I've been meaning to share my cousin's blog spot with you. She has three children as well. Reading their blog is comic relief. Gotta love the brutal honesty of what kids say at times. I think you'd probably relate being a mom of three too:




I'm so glad that I am not the only one behind on pictures! Sounds like the Lord is showing Himself strong for you all as usual. One of these days while our boys are napping, we will have to get caught up! Hope you are doing well.