Monday, December 08, 2008

November in review

November was a busy and exciting month for us. The 21st Scott graduated from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center and is now a certified Deputy Sheriff. He is out on the road now and just loves it. Every day when he gets ready for work Paul gets ready as well. Paul puts on his own belt and holster, toy gun, badge and vest. Oh yes and boots and a lunch box and he drives his toy car around the house "just like dad". We were blessed to spend a lot of time with our families through this month. One week before Graduation the boys and I stayed at my folks, and Esther came here for a week. Then a lot of Scott's family came for his graduation and stayed the weekend as we enjoyed our Thanksgiving together.
Philip is getting so big, he squeals and coos a lot and tries to scoot across the floor on his back- he is getting pretty good at it too! I will try to get some of December on here before too long! Enjoy the pictures! Paul enjoys the first snow of the year
One of the warmer days of the month- Marcus takes care of the puppy

Our adventurous tree climber

You can never have too many guns :)

Enjoying Aunt Esther

She is sooo much fun!

The Ulmer grand boys with Uncle Silas

Try #1 for a family picture.... it went downhill from there :)

Dueling brothers

The rhythm section

Playing baseball-
Thanks for bringing the Wii Tony and Lisa!
Getting the turkey ready to cook

Philip and Uncle Tony

The Anson clan- we miss you all!


The Ulmer Family said...

Wow- you got far more snow then we did!! We got just a dusting (the heavy stuff was while we were in Wichita, and was melted by the time we got home)!! I'm sure the boys loved playing in it!!
I LOVE the new look on the blog, Lydia!! Looks great. One of these days, I'll do something to ours.......but I have to wait until inspiration strikes!!
See ya later! :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, an update!!
I can't wait to see you guys, - I am amazed at how much I miss the boys!!! well, only five days to go!!
Love Rebecca

Ruth said...

Such fun pictures! Love the ones of your beautiful family! Your boys are growing up so quickly. Look forward to seeing you sometime soon, Lord-willing!