Thursday, February 28, 2008

February....and pictures for Grandma

February was a tough month for the Ansons. Now that is almost over I am hoping for a much easier March and the rest of the year! Besides being bitterly cold, (you know it is harsh out when the temp does not rise into the double digits all day!) we struggled through colds and a flu. We were able to take a trip back to Chicago the first weekend of the month to visit Scott's family. We really enjoyed this time, even though we had to rush back home in order to miss a blizzard. What a shock when a week and a half later we received the news that Scott's grandma had passed away. Although a little down with a cold, Great-Grandma had seemed as full of pep as ever- how precious that visit became to us. We headed back to Chicago and gained comfort in the closeness of family in a time of loss.
Hard times draw me to the Lord and I am so grateful for His strength and mercy. Without Him we would be lost. Thankfully, His mercy is new every morning and as I look into the faces of my precious little boys, I am reminded of what a gift life is- (even when we have runny noses! :)

Grandma Sue and Paul

Great Grandpa and Marcus

Finally well enough to celebrate! Marcus turned 1 on Feb. 6th

Can I eat the candle?

This blueberry muffin is pretty good!

Having fun with Uncle Silas

Paul's first snowman

A new bed! Paul loves his "Fire bed".



So sorry to hear of your loss. We will be praying for all of you.
Happy birthday Marcus:)

hannah michelle said...

Aw, love the pictures! Family trips are great. :) Marcus has some pretty serious expressions there! Turning one must have required some deep thinking. LOL