Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Ever since hunting season in the beginning of December, Paul has become infatuated with guns. He knows that Mom and Dad have guns and we take them out and shoot deer. (Yes, we both got deer this year- it was fun hunting and a blessing to have meat in the freezer.) So now everything that is able to fit in his hand has become a gun. And our efforts to train him just to shoot animals and not people seem to be bearing some fruit as he talks about shooting deer and rabbits all the time and is not so quick to shoot friends who stop by. He does shoot other things though- like his dirty diapers, or things that are lost.
"Paul, where is your shoe?"
"Mom, I shoot it. Shoe bye-bye."
Paul always wants to share his guns with Mom and Dad and Marcus, but Marcus has no interest and will drop the screwdriver/vacuum extension/toothbrush/etc. that Paul so willing offers. Maybe a few more months and he will catch on to the game! :)
All dressed up and ready to go out!

See the gun Mommy made me!?

Boys will be boys.... and when Paul is not playing guns, he finds other creative things to do.
Don't look now Grandma!!!

Where did the bullets go?

Ready Dad?


What a big helper

Oh, we are ready to go out again.

See, I even have my back-pack!

Marcus, lets have some fun!

Oh, anyone want to play guns?

Need a bullet?


Doogie said...

What type of rig do you have in that computer and what are you installing? Might I suggest rounded cables?

Anonymous said...

Hey there Paul,
You are such a blessing to mommy and daddy, I can't wait to come see you tuesday! love you
Your Aunt Esther

Auntie Elizabeth said...

Pauly is SOO cute in that last picture!! What a adorable munchkin!!