Friday, March 30, 2007

The zoo

Monday we went to the Omaha zoo with my family. Scott had to work, (well, he worked all night and had to sleep all day) and we really missed him, but had a good time anyway. The family wanted to go before their pass was up for the year, so we loaded up and left by 8am.
When we got there we met up with another family, friends of the family and headed in. We had a great day and did not leave until about 5:30, so by the time we got back to Ulmers at 9, we were bushed! (We stopped for a few errands on the way home) Hopefully we can go again this summer with Dad!Paul loved the water in the many fountains at the "Garden of Senses" but the poor fellow got a little excited and a few minutes later while running to something else fell down and skinned his face! So here is the only "nice" picture!
Looking at something.....

One of his favorite places- the sea lions. I think because they actually DO something and don't just lay there. He also loved the gorillas and bears.

Snack time!
(We sure made good use of the double stroller- thanks again Grandma Sue!)

Too tired- must take a nap. (Too bad it is just before the lions....)


All worn out at Papa and Nana's house, waiting for Dad to come pick us up.


BrittLeigh said...

Oh! How fun!! I just LOVE the Omaha zoo (affectionately dubbed the Omazon Zoo in our family :)). I think the best part is bringing the little kids (niece and nephew in my case) just to watch them have a ball :). I really enjoyed your pictures... Brought back lots of good memories.

And by way of introduction, in case you don't already know, I'm a friend of Hannah Michelle's, as well as Elizabeth's, and I've lurked on your blog for a long time. ;) Blessings to you and your adorable family!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ansons!
It looks like you had a very fun day at the zoo! We went a while back and really enjoyed it!
All of those pictures were really cute!
Poor Paul! It looks like you were really beat up from that fall. :(
Marcus doesn't look too happy in the picture with his brother and Mommy! :) Did you wake him up from his nap?
Too bad Scott missed it all. I hope he can go next time around.
Have a great day!
God bless,

Rachel said...

Oh, I just love the picture of 'Mommy & Sons'. We can't wait to see the newest little Anson in person one of these days! Such handsome young men you have!!!