Friday, March 30, 2007


Last week we enjoyed a great visit with Mom's sister Dorie and her family. Last summer Dorie and the girls came out, but I had not seen Uncle Billy and Chad for 5 years. It was wonderful to see them again! The trip had a bitter sweet shadow as Grandma Homan is going down hill. She has been in the nursing home in Sabetha for 10 years, and due to Alziemers (sp?) has not known any of us for almost that long. Last week she was not able to keep food down for a few days in a row. We are sad to see her in this condition, and hope that she is soon able to go and be with the Lord. The incredable thing was that she was really with it mentally for the time the Janes were here. She knew Dorie and Billy and Mom. Mom was able to have some conversations with her that she stuck with. We are thanking the Lord for that time together. Sisters enjoying some chocolate :)
We had a crazy time Thursday night trying out the new karaoke set from the Janes....

Sing it out!

My personal favorite!

Someone got Marcus to sleep... so sweet!



Anonymous said...

I didn't know Scott had a moustache!
Looks like Esther was having a blast!
Cute post!


~AliisaJoy~ said...

Oh, I love the picture of Micah and Marcus!! So cute.