Thursday, November 08, 2007


Almost everyone I run into when I am out comments, "You sure have your hands full!" Some say it with a voice of pity, others amazement, many just stating the obvious as I carry two boys and a bag of groceries to the car.
Everyone may see my hands full..... not everyone gets to see my cup overflowing."Let me show you brother"

"You are my buddy."

We love each other sooooo much!


Anonymous said...

Lydia, you do have two very sweet boys, I am so glad I get to see them every week and watch them grow. You and Scott are doing a wonderful job with them; Love you!!

abi said...

What handsome little fellows! You are richly blessed! And, "Hello" to Esther! :)

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhh! that is such a sweet post!.......Praise God for this high honor me...Mom

Anonymous said...

OH!! I love that last phrase, - so beautifully put!! :)
Oh we miss you guys!! Love Aunt Rebecca

hannah michelle said...

Awww!! Those are such precious pictures of two precious boys!