Friday, December 21, 2007

Ice storm

December has flown by for the Ansons- do you know that feeling? It starts out on like the 4th or 5th of December and you just can't wait until Christmas and when you get to see your family and share gifts- then WHOOOSH! The month is almost over and you are left scratching your head wondering where the time went! This year we had an added excitement that seemed to make time disappear even faster. December 11th we were struck with severe ice storm and lost all power for several days. Many in the area are still without power, but thankfully we had ours restored Monday the 17th. After we lost power on the 11th, we decided that we would not stay at home- without a generator and no means to heat the house, it was getting chilly fast. After an afternoon at some friends in Sabetha, we headed up to Seward Ne. were there was electricity and heat! :) We were very blessed by the generosity of great friends, (Thanks Schreiners and Wissmanns!!!) and stayed in the area for a few days. Scott was able to purchase a generator and brought it back to Ulmers. Then the boys and I came back and we camped out there for a few days. We loved having extra time with family! Saturday Seth purchased a generator and allowed us to hook it up at our house- so good to be home! It was a crazy week, but we are healthy and safe and grateful for a warm house with electricity! Thanks for your prayers!
Our trees were just destroyed.

Poor Rowdy, (our dog) his dog house got buried, but he was ok.

The goats were smart not to come out in this...

Paul saw the bright side of things, he thought that the world had turned into one big popsicle for him to eat!

The beautiful tree that was right out our front door

Seth at work with the chain saw...
Going, going...

Here lies most of the tree-
(We have several other piles around the yard as well.)


Doogie said...


Our ice storm started on Friday the 8th and went on and off into the 11th. A town just 10 minutes away still looks like a war zone, but they got power back before you did. Take care and please call me sometime at 573-881-6034.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys were covered in ice! That's sad that your trees got destroyed. I bet you're all the more Thankful to have electricity again!

Miss you guys! Give Paul & Marcus a hug for me!