Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Shepard visit....

The second week of August was a fun week for us. Scott had finished at Haug, (The computer place he was working at full time) and had a week off before he started full time at the dairy. Rebecca and Andrew have been working on an addition on their house for over a month and we had really wanted to go down and help them for a while. So on Tuesday the 8th we headed down to Parsons for the week. I would post a lot of pictures of the work- except I feel that is Rebecca's news, so hopefully she will blog soon, :) (THeir computer has been having problems lately as I understand it- so be patient!)
We had a great time though, and the guys worked hard. (Rebecca and I enjoyed visiting, watching the boys and helping out here and there:) We can't wait to go down again!
Paul- FINALLY happy at the Chinese resturant, playing "drums"
with Uncle Andrew

Justice- layed back and enjoying the meal
After a hard days work.....
Aunt Rebecca with the boys!

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