Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cousins :)

Did you ever see two sweeter boys? :)
May they grow up to love the Lord and His ways!



How absolutely precious!
I think it is wonderful that these little guys get to grow up together. My cousin and I are still really close, and we love being together! What handsome little men:)
We need to get together soon!
The Vernons

The Ulmer Family said...

OH!!!!! My cute, cute, CUTE nephews!!!!! Ah, such sweet pictures of them together!!!! And so handy that they happened to have identical outfits (their Moms must be sisters!!!!)!!!! :)

Just-us said...

What a precious time, and wonderful memories, thanks you guys for coming down...and great pics Lydia!
Love us

allyn&emily said...

How fun. Love the pictures!!!! It's been a while. Sometime I'll give you a jingle and catch up.

With love,

Emily B. (for 1 more month)

Hannah Michelle said...

That's "two" (too) CUTE! Great pictures, Lydia! What fun little guys. :-)

Love & Hugs!