Thursday, August 17, 2006

Busy, happy boy...:)

Paul is such a joy to us! He is crawling very well now , can sit up easily and pulls himself up on people and furniture. He is learning the meaning of the word "no" :) He loves going out side for stroller walks with Mom and lights up when ever Scott gets home from work.Playing ...
Can I sit in your lap Mom?
No teeth yet, but what a happy face!



What a handsome little man Paul is growing up to be! It is amazing how fast they are growing up. We love the pictures:)
God bless!

Kourtney P. said...

I really love the third picture! He is so cute! Keep posting!
Much love,

The Ulmer Family said...

I LOVE those pictures of Paul!!! I got a couple cute ones when you were at our place last week, but these are great too!!!!!! :)
Aunt Elizabeth

Hannah Michelle said...

Aww, love the pictures - such sweet faces! What a dear little guy Paul is. :-)