Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The plucker liveth!!!!

The parts I was getting machined finally came, and we fired up the plucker on Monday night. After a few final adjustments, I gave it the green light for Tuesday's butchering. It is amazing!! It will take 99.5% of the feathers off of two 4 lb birds in about 30 seconds. And the best part is that it is 'hands off'. Just drop them in, keep them wet, and the plucker does the rest. It has easily doubled our efficiency. What a blessing!
Here also are some fun pics :)
Keith came to visit last weekend. Here is a picture of Paul and Uncle Keith. And there also a picture of Justice and Uncle Noah. And here also is a picture of the pups.

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Diane L. said...

Yay, a new post and pictures! The plucker sounds like a fantastic invention! Neat!!