Sunday, July 23, 2006

Our joy boy....

Paul in his little "Lord Fauntleroy" outfit made by Great Aunt Beth

Where did Paul go? :)

Trully children are a blessing! Paul is such a joy! He is moving very well now- not "offical" type crawling but very close. He loves being the center of attention, :) and much prefers you to sit and play with him, than play by himself. He sat up by himself for the first time last Wednesday, and continues to work on making it a smooth skill. He does well sitting, but sometimes forgets that there is nothing behind him and crashed backwards on his head. Ouch! I think it always frustrates him more than it hurts!

A few months ago we began training him to go to bed without being rocked or snuggled with. When it is bed/nap time, he gets kisses and prayers and lays down. He has been doing really well and after the first few rough nights, he now hardly ever cries and goes to sleep quite quickly. This has been really nice when we are out and at other's homes. We can just put him in the portable crib and he knows what is up.

Other things our little man loves...
Tickles with Daddy
Playing with the puppies
Riding in the "back-pack" carrier
"Talking" on the phone
Visits from Grandma Sue!

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Anonymous said...

I love the "Little Lord Fauntleroy" outfit!! So cute! And of course, the outfit is much improved upon since it is worn by an even more adorable little man! :-)