Monday, July 17, 2006

Busy, hot summer....

Did I hear someone say supper?

The Joys, Schreiners, Gurnseys and Ansons
(And a few Ulmers too!)

Just chewing on toys with Aunt Esther :)
Dear Friends,
I have really fallen behind in blogging. Yikes! Hopefully I will do better in the coming weeks. June finished out very warm and busy. Scott turned 30 this year, but we kept it small and I did not make a huge deal about it. We were actully on the road some of his birthday as we went down to Salina to test for the KHP. This marks the second summer Scott has been trying to get on the Kansas Highway Patrol. It is a long process with trips to Salina for tests, Topeka for a polygraph test, back-ground investigations and waiting to hear results. Last year he made it to the last cut. THis year we are praying he will get on. If he does, he will train Monday through Friday at the academy in Salina. He gets to come home on the weekends, but we would sure miss him during the week! We would have some time to prepare though, the academy does not start until January.
Near the end of June we also enjoyed attending Esther's graduation party at my folks house. It was a lot of fun. Andrew and Rebecca were up and we had a great time as family.
July started hot and has been getting hotter. We traveled up to good friends the Schreiner's near Lincoln Ne. for our annual July 4th visit. Scott always takes joy in purchasing a bunch of fireworks and he and all the guys put on a great show! We had a terrific time up there- the Schreiner's had opened their house to many and we had a great crowd of friends.
July also brought my birthday, and that ment surprise dinner out and out to the movies- my husband is so sweet! We brought Esther and Elizabeth and had a great time.
As you saw by Scott's post, we finally finished our chicken plucker. What a blessing! We are hoping to finish all our chickens this week. Please pray things go well! :)

Paul is such a blessing. His little smiles and noises keep me grinning all day. He is eating veggies now, carrots and squash have been the start. Saturday he had a bad day. Overtired, strange schedule and teething ment a fussy boy ALL DAY LONG. But thankfully, Sunday he was much happier and we are hoping his teeth will cut through quickly or not cause him so much discomfort.
I will try to post again soon!
God bless! Lydia for the Ansons


The Ulmer Family said...

I LOVE that picture of Aunt Esther and Paul!!! Such a cute one of them together!!!! :) And the first picture of Paul is great!!!

Hannah Michelle said...'s great to have an update from you guys, Lydia! Summer has a way of going by before you know it! That first picture of Paul cracks me up! He is so going to be like Scott. haha

Love you guys.

Kourtney Pyle said...

I like the picture of little Paul and "Aunt" Esther! So cute! Happy birthday, Lydia! Keep blogging!
God bless.