Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I know I have been terribly over due in posting, but I am afraid that life right now is not going to improve my frequency of posting! We are in an exciting time of life right now with a lot of changes, so if you don't hear from us for a while- we would appreciate a prayer and some patience. :)
Scott starts a new job June 9th with the Ellsworth County Sheriff's Department. (Ellsworth Ks.) He will be a full time road deputy- or as Paul puts it- "Daddy has a big gun and shoots the bad guys. And helps the good guys." Scott will start with some training in the county and then sometime this fall attend the Kansas law enforcement training academy. This is a 14 week course in Hutchinson Ks. The trainees are there Monday through Friday and you get to be home on the weekends. He is really excited and looking forward to starting.
Anyone who has grabbed a map to find Ellsworth county now knows that this will also involve a move :) Ellsworth is about 3 hours south west of here, a bit too long if you are asking Marcus and talking about good travelers. :) Scott and I have been house hunting and are working with a great Realtor as we have narrowed down to 2 houses. We will see how the Lord irons out the details of which house, when we move, etc. At this point it is looking like Scott may start before we are all moved down, and the boys and I will follow after we get the house situation all finished up. It will be a big change to be in town- I have not lived in town since I was 6 years old, and a little nervous on learning proper "town etiquette".
Through this business and excitement we are constantly reminded how dear this place called home has been and how special the people around here are. To all you who share north east Kansas with us, we will miss you and are so grateful for the support and friendship you have invested in our lives. And yes- we will be back for visits!Paul with some flowers for mom- and a very posed smile.


Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm sorry that you are leaving! However, I hope the Lord will bless you where ever you are! I hope you will find a nice home soon! We will miss you!
Lord bless -Kourtney


We will be keeping you in our prayers!
Let us know if you need any help.

jdrenken said...

Congrats on your deputy job Anson!

I'm in the process of talking with the active duty army recruiters because I can't find a job.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth told me that you guys were moving. I have been (and will continue to) pray for wisdom and guidance for you as you take this huge step!

P.s. Give the boys a squeeze for me!

hannah michelle said...

Wow, definitely a big change! Of course it's a little sad that you won't be as close to the rest of the family, but I'm happy for Scott's job. Wishing you a smooth transition! Town life has its good sides. ;)

Anonymous said...

God's generous grace to you all! We will miss you! May we find many creative ways to keep connected.