Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Visiting the Shepards

The first weekend of April found us taking a trip down to the Shepards. We knew it had been a while since we had been down, but when we thought about it, it was almost a whole year ago that we had been at there house. Too long!
We had a really relaxing time, visiting and and playing with the boys. Paul and Justice are old enough to finally play together and it was a joy to watch them together. Thanks so much Rebecca and Andrew- we had a great time and will try to get down sometime this summer! :)
Andrew was the first to get the knack for the huge bubble wand.

Catch the bubbles!

Playing catch- Justice style.

"I'm ready!"

Rebecca found some great hats for the boys- they looked so cute!Too bad they did not leave them on long. :)

Thanks Aunt Rebecca!



Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest, smartest, most pleasantly dispositioned youngsters I've ever seen!! They must have amazing parents!!

(and just imagine their grandparents!!)


Anonymous said...

Oh! Those boys are growing up so fast! What a wonderful blessing to go and see the Shepards! I'm glad you had a great time!
Lord bless,