Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Catching up on March....

March came in like a lamb and dragged a reluctant spring behind. Despite the north wind's calloused attempts to halt time in the bleakness of snow and ice, spring is pushing winter aside and painting it's beautiful colors all over. GREEN- the sign of life is appearing through the dead grass, Orange flies by on the wings of a robin, brown (did I ever think it was sooo pretty?:) mud covers most everything, a pleasant change from white snow. Soon the artist will be in full glory as flowers start to bloom and sunsets become a thing to enjoy after a long day outside. Ahhh, I am thankful for seasons! Especially warm ones! :)
Marcus really enjoys swinging!

Nice weather means outdoor projects.... "Can you fill my tire Dad?"
Our animal boy- Marcus checks on the goats.
The new addition! A 91' Chevy that is a great blessing. Now we are a two car family!!! Wow!


Aliisa said...

It has finally been getting warmer here, too! T-shirt weather today, but tonight/tomorrow we're supposed to get snow :(. Oh well.

Hey, I like the truck!

Anonymous said...

When did you get goats!?! Blessings -Kourtney