Monday, August 13, 2007

Play time

I am so blessed. My two boys love each other and have a great time every day. Life is such a gift! Thank you Lord!
"Just watch me Marcus, and I will show you what you do with a tractor."
"That looks like fun!!!"

"Look Mom!! I am almost crawling! Soon I will be able to follow Paul all over!"

"Oh, this is hard with Paul on top!"

"No worse for the wear!"

"Marcus, can I share your blanket? I think I need a few minutes to cuddle!"


~AliisaJoy~ said...

They are SOOO cute!!

The Ulmer Family said...

Hahahahaha!! Uncle Seth and Aunt Elizabeth loved looking at those pictures've got such cute little men, Lydia!! :)
Thanks for bringing me along yesterday! It was such a special 'sister day'....too bad the car trouble spoiled it!! But then we did have fun baa-ing with Esther on the way home!! (laughing) :)
Love You!

hannah michelle said...

I just cannot get over how adorable Marcus is! That face...he definitely has his own personality. :-)