Sunday, June 17, 2007

Picture time

Remember this little boy? When Paul was 4 months old, I wanted to take him to a studio and get some baby pictures, but Scott reminded me that we had a really nice digital camera and I should do my own. With the help of Esther and Elizabeth I managed to get several nice pictures of little Paul. Now that Marcus is 4 mo., I wanted to continue the tradition and planned a "photo shoot" for a day when Esther would be here to help. However, I did not check my plans with Marcus and he was not very happy about the whole thing. We did end up with a few nice pictures, but most the time was captured with shots like this!

Poor boy! Thankfully he is 4 months for a while, so I think I may try again! Until then, here are a few favorites!

One of the problems I had, blurry pictures.... ahhhh!

Looking at Aunt Esther

Marcus and Mommy :)


Anonymous said...

LOL! Gotta love it.

So fun to see you mommy of two, Lydia!

Hope you had a fun time celebrating Father's Day!



Anonymous said...

Looking at Aunt Esther? No wonder Marcus is smiling.

hannah michelle said...

Aww, I think Marcus looks the most contented in the picture with Mommy. And mommy looks great too! ;-)