Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Thanks Andrew and Rebecca

This past weekend we enjoyed a great visit down at the Shepards. We arrived Friday afternoon and did not have to be home until Sunday evening. We talked, played cards, went to the park, and enjoyed fellowship at their church. We always look forward to going down and are so thankful for their hospitality. Thanks guys! We had fun!Aunt Rebecca and Marcus

Reading... what a fun book!

Paul and Justice spent about 45 minutes one morning playing ball in the the "big room". Although it looks like Paul is quite the ball hog, (ok, maybe a little true) he did share and they had a great time!

Here is comes!

Gentle to the baby....

Early morning affection.... So sweet!

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Jenny Hull said...

Awe, the little ones are so cute!!! Where ever did they come from?! ;P ...I can't believe it!!