Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spring projects

Tuesday was a work day here at Anson farms. A big thank you to Esther, Moses and Micah for all their hard work. We were able to get the garden ready, potatoes and onions planted, chickens moved to pens and other misc. work done. It was a lot of work, but sure was nice to see all that we accomplished! Here are a few shots of the day!I have a great husband! I love you !
One raised bed done, 4 to go.

Hopefully later posts with show pictures of the produce we reap!

This happy guy is enjoying being outside!

50 chicks per pen

"How much water do we need?"

" I think there is a hole in the hose Dad!"

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allyn&emily said...

Fun! Looked like a great day to be out in the garden. Mom just sent down some asparagus. Ahh! Reminded me how much I miss fresh produce.

Hope you have a great spring.